Viridiana: new image for a stellar wine

Viridiana’s change of image arrives at a time in which the wine has already won the hearts and palates of a large number of people who consider it a benchmark wine.

Since Viridiana was released in the market, in its 2011 vintage, it has been presented as a Ribera del Duero oak-aged wine with an excellent value for money. It was part of the Atalayas de Golbán launch, a project developed by Bodegas Dominio de Atauta through which it make wines with the most traditional and recognisable character of Ribera del Duero type wines.

In recent years, the project has followed an upward evolution and has presented several new wines until creating a portfolio inspired by the great women of Spanish film and literature, which is completed with this new image of Viridiana.

La Celestina and Viridiana, two women, two wines

The Atalayas de Golbán portfolio pays homage to two important female characters of Spanish film and literature. La Celestina and Viridiana are two women that display great resilience and overcome enormous adversities. They are independent women with significant contradictions that, in their particular evolution, invite us to enjoy the moment.

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