Viñas del Cenit opens a new era with wines that reflect the peculiarities of a terroir

After a memorable fifteen-year journey in the historic region of Tierra del Vino de Zamora, Viñas del Cenit embarks on a new era that marks a before and after with the simultaneous launch of the new vintages of two of its most emblematic wines: Cenit and Vía Cenit, and a wine that is added to the portfolio: Cenit Pago Las Salinas.

The project, which is now seeing the light, has been forged over the years following a gradual change of mentality in winemaking. Very early harvests, a high control over maturation and a winemaking process seeking a genuine expression of the terroir have been the modus operandi that has shaped the profile of this bodega’s wines, producing Cenit 2016 and Vía Cenit 2017. These two wines are entering the market with the aim of reflecting a series of vineyards that are mostly around 100 years old and plots of land that combine clay and sandy soils. Pago Las Salinas, as a peculiar expression of an extraordinary vineyard, joins these two wines.

New oenologist and product repositioning. New Prices

José Manuel Benéitez is the new oenologist that will lead the bodega’s new era after years of experience in the region, to which he has been connected both personally and professionally.

In addition, the bodega is completely renewing its image, providing it a new classic and bright look that focuses on the characteristics of each of its wines. The changes in the bodega are rounded off with a product repositioning that entails a downward pricing review of Cenit and Vía Cenit (consult the sales team for further details).

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