Viñas del Cenit

The elegance of an area whose winegrowing history has been forged for centuries.

Tierra del Vino de Zamora is a one of the oldest winemaking regions in Spain, where wine has been produced since the 11th century. Proof of this are the vineyards of over 150 years old that joined forces with the sandy soil to survive the phylloxera plague and today produce elegant wines with a balance of strength and subtleness only provided by older vineyards.

In addition, this treasure is located on the Vía de la Plata, which provided a large influx of pilgrims that introduced different varieties of grape in the area. Over the years, this has resulted in a selection of the best Tempranillo clones. Today, this variety, known in the region as Tinta Madrid, has a series of unique characteristics. Strong but elegant, it has a thick skin full of tannins, but its expression on the palate is velvety. Its aromas and tastes lean towards coffee, liquorice and sweet spices, even after it has been aged in barrel.

Discovering Viñas del Cenit wines is travelling through time and tasting a product grown on a land at approximately 750 meters above sea level. It is an area exposed to milder temperatures than the rest of the region, which provides the grapes some more time to mature and the acidity and freshness necessary to obtain balanced wines with an extraordinary potential for ageing.

Bodegas Viñas del Cenit vineyards - Terraselecta
Bodegas Viñas del Cenit grapes - Terraselecta 
Bodegas Viñas del Cenit grapes - Terraselecta