Bodegas Viña Nora

The alternative Albariño landscape

Viña Nora is located at the heart of the winemaking region of Condado do Tea, which is bordering Portugal and is the only inland region out of the four that comprise the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas. The special characteristics of this region are its granite soils rich in cobbles and a significantly lower rainfall than the average experienced in the area. This favours an earlier and fuller maturation; therefore, enabling us to extract the variety’s entire potential and provide an absolute expression of the terroir.

The fact that the land boasts the perfect conditions to be able to express the terroir was a defining factor in establishing Viña Nora in this setting. Located on a natural terraced land over River Miño, in the municipality of As Neves, the landscape surrounding the bodega is closely influenced by the river and the sea of vineyards with the typical trellised vines in Rías Baixas. These trellised vines are made up of granite posts that are erected two meters high with the aim of separating the berry from the soil’s humidity and thus protecting it from diseases. In addition, they favour the berry’s full maturation thanks to further sun exposure.

Bodega Viña Nora - Terraselecta
Vineyards from bodega viña Nora - Terraselecta
terroir viña nora teraselecta