The oenologist

“Being able to show through our wines the uniqueness of this unknown area is a real challenge and for us, the main motivation.”


Alexia Luca de Tena

Born into a winemaking family in the heart of Condado do Tea, she does not remember a month of September without being part of the harvest, which together with her passion for the land and the work well done by her parents, have led her to take the same path. She has an extensive experience in projects mostly linked to her homeland, Galicia. After completing three harvests in the D.O. Valdeorras with Rafael Palacios, she joined Terraselecta with the task of leading the two projects carried out by the wine company in Galicia: Pazos del Rey (D. O. Monterrei) and Viña Nora (Rías Baixas).

She believes in wines that reflect the personality of the place in which they are made and in a winemaking process that fully respects what the land gifts us.