Vindicating the uniqueness of ‘The galician cinderella’

Pazos del Rey elaborates wines that vindicate the uniqueness of one of the most unknown areas of Galicia, the Monterrei D.O., which came to be known as ‘The Galician Cinderella’. The combination of area and varieties gives rise to wines with an enormous personality.

Godellos and Mencías to enjoy the moment

We look for fragrant, aromatic, elegant and subtle Mencías and fresh, round Godellos with a delicious bitter finish that invites you to keep drinking. These are the characteristics that mark the uniqueness of these varieties in the area and that are presented in a particularly marked way in our wines of the Raúll Boo collection.

Alexia Luca de Tena

The winemaker

“Being able to show through our wines the uniqueness of this unknown area is a real challenge and for us, the main motivation”