Searching the spirit of the riojan Sonsierra

Obalo winery was founded in the heart of the riojan sonsierra with the intention of elaborating wines that show the personality and tradition of a historic land like the D.O.C.a.Rioja, what we have called “The spirit of the Sonsierra’.

Wines that allow us to explore the different personalities of a historic land

The wines of ‘Obalo winery’ are the result of a continuous work of exploring a land that we are passionate about because of all the history and tradition it contains. Each of the wines we elaborate aims to show a part of that personality, of that spirit of the Riojan Sonsierra that we are continually trying to identify and from which we learn every day.

Andrew Halliwell

The winemaker

“We are in an exciting moment in Rioja. It is a real privilege to work in this area and explore all the possibilities it presents”

Wine tourism

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Cata comentada

Cata Obalo

Cata comentada de tres vinos + recorrido por La Rioja Precio/persona: 9€ (IVA incluido)

Duración: 30min

Cata comentada

Cata familia Obalo

Cata comentada de cinco vinos + recorrido por La Rioja Precio/persona: 15 € (IVA incluido)

Duración: 1h

Visita + cata

Experiencia enológica

Visita a bodega + cata de dos vinos Precio/persona: 15€ (IVA incluido)

Duración: 1h 30min

Visita + Cata Gourmet

Experiencia gourmet

Visita a bodega + cata de vinos + degustación de quesos manchegos artesanos Precio/persona: 20€ (IVA incluido)

Duración: 1h 30min

Alquiler de espacios

Espacio para bodas y eventos

Gran versatilidad de ambientes Asesoramiento y equipo especializados

Tlf.: 665 838 736

Visita + Cata + Comida

Experiencia enogastronómica

Visita a bodega + cata de vinos + comida en la bodega con vistas al viñedo Precio/persona: 55€ (IVA incluido)

(Mínimo 20 personas)

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