Bodegas Naia

Committed to the classic Verdejo.

Bodegas Naia is located in La Seca, a village in a municipality with a surface area mostly of vineyards and where the exceptional climate conditions and soils and the extraordinary old vines make it the perfect location to make some of the best white wines in the world.

Since the beginning, we have based our work on making wines that represent the traditional Verdejo variety. We are convinced that this land is able to provide long, full-bodied, tasty wines with a distinct character; complex wines with an extraordinary potential for ageing. As a result, we have selected old local-variety gobelet-trained vines, and they have proven to be capable of producing the genuine and classic character that we vindicate in the D.O. Rueda.

We have found centenarian vineyards, some of them we call prehistoric because there are no written records certifying their age. The combination of these vineyards’ soil and altitude make them a treasure for winegrowing. These vineyards produce Naiades, which to us is the pinnacle of what we are seeking in this winegrowing area.

Bodega Naia vineyards - Terraselecta
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