The oenologist

“The challenge is to continue showing that in this land we can produce high quality wines that bring a touch of originality to the Spanish wine scene”

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Asunción Yébenes

Born in Valdepeñas, Asunción Yébenes has been linked to the world of wine since she was born, as her grandparents were wine growers and she grew up among vineyards, grape harvests, wine aromas and old earthenware jars.

She has a degree in oenology and has developed the beginning of her career linked to “El Invencible”, a cooperative located in Valdepeñas, which allows her to obtain a very complete vision of the vineyards in the area and where she developed a complex process of remodeling to increase production without sacrificing quality. Attracted by the opportunity to work with some of the best vineyards in the area, in 2008 she joined Mano a Mano, where she continues to work as production director of the wineries that are part of Terraselecta.