The richness
of the Ribera del Duero

La Celestina winery is a project where the Dominio de Atauta winemaking team shows its broadest interpretation of all the nuances found in the different areas of Ribera del Duero.

Wines that invite you to enjoy the moment

The wines of ‘La Celestina winery’ are made from vineyards that seek the balance between the finesse and elegance of the Ribera del Duero in Soria, with the volume and corpulence of other areas of the D.O. They maintain the artisanal and meticulous character in the elaborating process to obtain wines that invite you to enjoy every moment of life.

Ismael Sanz / Jaime Suárez

The winemakers

“Ribera del Duero is very rich in nuances, From the vineyards close to Burgos to San Esteban de Gormaz, in Soria, we have very different characters that perfectly complement each other”

Ismael Sanz, head of viticulture, and Jaime Suárez, head of oenology, offer their broader vision of Ribera del Duero in ‘Wineries La Celestina’.”