The oenologists

“Feeling that every day you are given the opportunity to work in a unique place brings out the best in you.”

Passion and Maximum Rigour

Ismael Sanz, head of viticulture, and Jaime Suárez, head of oenology, are the perfect partners at Dominio de Atauta, covering the vineyards and bodega.


Ismael Sanz

Ismael, a local and genuinely in love with vineyards, has taken on as a personal project the recovery of a series of vineyards with over 150 years of age doomed to disappear.


Jaime Suárez

Jaime Suárez, is also personally linked to Ribera del Duero through different personal and professional projects. He follows a winemaking process that is fully respectful of the exceptional grapes that arrive at the Valley.