Bodegas Álvaro Domecq

Drivers of the rebirth of Jerez

Bodegas Álvaro Domecq’s history dates back to 1850, they year in which Bodegas Pilar Aranda was founded. For years, it had been one of highest quality producers in the Marco de Jerez region. Pilar Aranda was the first woman to make wine in the Marco de Jerez region and today is a reference in the world of Jerez wines. Fully respecting this tradition and the prominent place held by the bodega, in 1998 Álvaro Domecq Romero became in charge of the legendary bodega in Jerez.

Since then, the bodega’s sole objective has been to obtain quality and singular wines with a series of characteristics that make them unique in the world. 

This commitment is materialised in the family crest with the legend “Born Again” next to the horse -Mr Álvaro Domecq’s other great passion. This shows the decisive effort to restore the prestige of a series of wines that for some years experienced a decline and, however, are currently entering a period of splendour.

The singularity of Jerez wines and Bodegas Álvaro Domecq’s vocation and attention to detail are key aspects that have made Terraselecta incorporate the bodega as its crown jewel, as the perfect golden brooch to close the collection of wines presented by the company.

bodega álvaro domecq exterior
Barriles de la bodega de  Álvaro Domecq
Bodega Álvaro Domecq barriles de vino - Terraselecta


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Visit and tasting

Wines experience

Tour of the bodega + Tasting of three wines (fino, oloroso and cream).
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Length: 1h.

Tour wine tourism álvaro domecq tasting

Tour and tasting

Wines + tapas experience

Guided tour of the bodega + Tasting of three wines (fino, oloroso and cream) + Spanish products from the region (aged cheese and Iberian ham).
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Length: 1h 15min.

Wine tourism álvaro domecq

Tour and light brunch

Wines + light brunch experience

Guided tour of the bodega + Tasting of three wines (fino, oloroso and cream) + Light brunch.
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Length: 2h.

Visit to bodegas de Terraselecta

Tour and abundant brunch.

Wines + abundant brunch experience

Guided tour of the bodega + Tasting of three wines (fino, oloroso and cream) + Abundant brunch.
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Length: 2h 30min.

Wine tourism bodega álvaro domecq

Tour, brunch and show

Sensations of Andalusia package

View of the show “A Campo Abierto” + Tour of the bodega with a tasting of three wines + Brunch.
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Length: 6h.

Wine tourism en bodega Álvaro Domecq

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Reservation of the Torrestrella Hall + exterior

A broad hall to hold any type of business or family event.
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Maximum of 150 guests.

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