The new image of Álvaro Domecq wines, a tribute to the horse world

The collection is a great satisfaction for Mr. Álvaro Domecq, who sees reflected the two passions to which he has dedicated his life.

If there are two elements that characterize Jerez, they are its wines and its horses, and Bodegas Álvaro Domecq combines these two worlds in a collection of wines that presents the friendliest and closest face of the wines of Jerez without losing an iota of solvency and character.

D. Álvaro has always considered his horses as companions and accomplices of his successes and remembers them with great affection. This is the starting point of this family of wines that is almost a collection of family portraits with which he wants to remember and pay tribute to the most special horses of his career. Each label carries a custom-made illustration that represents the character of each horse and has a lot to do with the characteristics of each wine.

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