The cheesemaker

“We take great care in the cheesemaking process, from the moment the lamb is born to preparing the cheese for consumption, watching over each stage so the authentic tradition of Manchego cheese is enjoyed by the customers.”

Cheesmaker profile quesería 1605

María José González-Román

Born in Manzanares, in the natural region of La Mancha, María José comes from a family dedicated to cultivating the land and vineyards. She studied Technical Agricultural Engineering and specialised in the Food Industry with the intention of carrying on the family tradition in the world of wine.

However, when at University, she came in contact with the world of milk and cheese and decided to take it up professionally. In 2010 she joined Quesería 1605, which is a small project in a village called Herencia that combines an artisanal tradition with exhaustive quality controls, two characteristics that to María José have always been paramount.