Quesería 1605

The flavour of authentic cheese

Quesería 1605 is the commitment made by Avanteselecta to proudly promote and maintain the tradition of Manchego cheese, which is considered one of the best in the world for its unique qualities and farmhouse manufacturing methods.

Quesería 1605 is located in Finca Sierra La Solana, in the heart of La Mancha, where there is a privileged natural location with a harsh and extreme weather that favours the growth of very rustic vegetation, serving as perfect food to the Manchego breed sheep. All these factors favour the making of a cheese with unique characteristics.

Aged with exquisite care and utmost quality, as we only collect the milk produced naturally, our sheep are, together with the location, the main pillars of the project.

All of our cheeses are made manually with raw sheep milk by a team of expert cheesemakers that are involved in every stage of the process. All the cheeses are turned manually one by one every week while maturing, after which they are cut, prepared and wrapped manually ready for consumption.

Quesería 1605’s connection with the land over which it has been established is also expressed through its name, as 1605 is the year in which the first edition of El Quixote was published. With this name, we want to pay homage to the most universal book in our country and which is inextricably linked to La Mancha like our cheeses.

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