The authentic taste of La Mancha

Quesería 1605 is located in the heart of La Mancha. It takes its name from the date of the first publication of Don Quixote, thus paying tribute to the work that has taken the culture and landscapes of La Mancha all over the world, in the same way that Artisan Manchego Cheese does today.

Artisan manchego cheese made with the best raw sheep's milk

Quesería 1605 elaborates Artisan Manchego Cheese from the raw milk we obtain from our own Manchego sheep. The pastures that exist in this land, with its harsh and extreme climate, favor a rustic vegetation whose nuances are transmitted to the milk and to a cheese with unique characteristics.



Special elaborations

María José González-Román

The cheesemaker

“We take great care in the cheesemaking process, from the moment the lamb is born to preparing the cheese for consumption, watching over each stage so the authentic tradition of Manchego cheese is enjoyed by the customers.”