Dominio the Atauta’s collection of terroir wines reaches the market with two new inclusions

Bodegas Dominio de Atauta completes its collection of terroir wines with two new incorporations: Dominio de Atauta La Roza and Dominio de Atauta San Juan, two wines that are produced from two vineyards doomed to disappear. Following a careful recovery plan, we have finally been able to make these two wines, which reach the market in their 2013 vintage accompanied by Dominio de Atauta La Mala 2013, Dominio de Atauta Llanos del Almendro 2013 and Dominio de Atauta Valdegatiles 2013. All these wines make up an exceptional collection that help us obtain an in-depth understanding of a valley as unique as the Atauta Valley.

Exceptional quality and a unique personality

The ‘Single Vineyards’ collection by Bodegas Dominio de Atauta is the result of all the knowledge that we have obtained throughout the years on the Atauta Valley. Understanding a valley that, only four km long (east-west) and one km wide (north-south), has such diverse soils, altitudes, depths, etc. requires working on it on a daily basis, and this has enabled us to identify up to 25 different terroirs. Experience has taught us that they are not all able to offer an exceptional quality and a unique personality. These two elements are key when it comes to making the decision of incorporating a wine to this collection.

Our overriding objective with this collection is to reflect in each wine the different personalities of each terroir the Atauta Valley has to offer.

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